"Antiquity style" hits, Zibo antique brick production line surged by 50%

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"Antiquity style" hits, Zibo antique brick production line surged by 50%

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Under the storm of modern antique bricks, the antique bricks in Shandong Zibo also ushered in the spring of development. Recently, when reporters visited Zibo, they learned that since last year, the production and sales of antique bricks in Zibo have both prospered, and formed a clear contrast with the tepid sales of other categories of products. In addition to selling hot, prices have also been very impressive. Take the 600×600mm antique brick as an example, the single-chip price has been raised by 0.5-1.5 yuan this year.
In addition, in recent years, the Zibo municipal government has accelerated the transformation and upgrading of the local ceramic industry, especially last year's series of adjustments, which has caused some ceramic enterprises in Zibo to withdraw from the industry stage, including some antique brick manufacturers. Therefore, there are a number of pottery companies in Zibo producing areas that have already completed technological transformations or intend to change antique bricks in order to seize the rare opportunities for development.

Glaze products have a shorter sales radius and lower profits
Prior to the conversion, most companies in Zibo are mainly producing fully polished glazes. Huang Wuping, general manager of Guorun Ceramics Sales Co., Ltd. introduced that in the past, his company also engaged in antique brick production, and later changed the production of polished glaze due to market factors. Today, with the rapid rise of the surrounding production areas, the sales radius of glazed products in the Zibo production area has been shortened and profits have decreased. This is also the main reason why a large number of Tao enterprises are converting.
In the first year of this year, Shandong Lion King Ceramics Technology Co., Ltd. quickly launched antique brick products, and sales have been good. In view of many ceramic enterprises, the change of production before the Lion King ceramics was very successful. This further promoted the intention of some pottery enterprises to switch to antique bricks.
As early as the decline of the tiles as a lesson, Zibo's ceramic companies now have a keen insight into the market and are highly mobile. "When the sales of a certain category of products declines, if the ceramic enterprises do not adjust in advance, they will step into the footsteps of the bricks in the year." The remarks of a person in charge of a ceramics company that did not wish to signify the voice of most ceramic companies in Zibo.
Therefore, a number of local companies, including Shanxi Eastern Europe Ximan Ceramics, Shandong Guorun Ceramics, Zibo Shunchang Ceramics, and Qianyuan Ceramics, have adjusted their product structure. Among them, Oximan Ceramics is carrying out technological transformation of an existing diamond production line, and the transformation work will be completed in the near future. The transformed production line will mainly produce antique tiles; Shandong Guorun Ceramics will also introduce antique tiles in the near future; Zibo Shunchang Ceramics also plans to In the near future completed a 600×600mm antique brick production line technical transformation work.
About 10 production lines converted to antique tiles
According to preliminary statistics by the reporters, there are currently more than 20 antique brick production lines in the Zibo production area. In the near future, about 10 production lines are converting antique bricks from other products. As a result, the production lines for antique bricks in the region may increase to more than 30 in the near future. With the increase in the number of antique brick production lines in Zibo, this number will be comparable to the number of production lines before the discontinued production last year, and it will even surpass that before. Therefore, there are also many people in the industry worried that the sales pressure of antique tiles will increase dramatically, and even there will be price competition.
However, in Huang Wuping's view, there are many antique brick production lines in Zibo, and it is easier to form a clustering effect. The overall benefits outweigh the disadvantages, which will be more conducive to the promotion of Zibo antique brick series products. He believes that Zibo Tao is suitable for high value-added, high-quality products.
Judging from the current situation, the Zibo Tao Enterprise specializing in different directions, so the product price is not the same. Today, antique bricks in Zibo production areas are different according to the water absorption rate and the product's own process positioning, and the product prices vary greatly. According to report, the current unit price of 600×600mm antique tiles in Zibo producing areas is currently 7-20 RMB. From the perspective of the current change in the production of ceramic bricks to pursue the quality of antique bricks, many tend to be in the direction of high-quality research and development, such as the absorption rate of 0.5%-1%.
It is understood that, at present, Zibo Tao enterprises to produce more than 600 × 600mm specifications of antique brick, the next step or will launch more specifications products, in order to improve the product structure, such as 600 × 1200mm, 400 × 900mm and so on.
Qu Yuan, general manager of Qianyuan ceramics sales, said that it has received many customers' antique brick orders, including many orders from export traders.
According to the opinion of many people in charge of pottery and ceramics, the key to how future products will develop depends on what needs the customer groups pay attention to. However, stable quality, rich colors, and customer stability are the clear directions for the stable development of pottery and ceramics enterprises.